Why tattoo has become so popular

Tattoo popularity 

Tattoos have never in history been as popular as they are today. As we are getting more and more questions on why the popularity has increased as it has, let’s take a quick overview on our society today.
As technology slowly but surely advances, so does our addiction to its offerings.
If you want to understand why a 18 year old would tattoo their whole body in such a young age, the only answer is social media and its self proclaimed clown superstars, willing to do anything for attention.

A new age with positive thinking

As the years have progresses, without any significant wars and no straight out financial crisis since 2008, people are now more relaxed than ever, and ever so optimistic about the future.
Many are imagining a long life, with many possibilities for redemptions and self-development.
With the internet on our fingertips, any and most answers are readily available to us within seconds.
Although Einstein’s quote on fear of the day technology surpassing us, bringing a generation of idiots, its merits are still there.
As the saying goes, to be old and wise, one must first be young, foolish and stupid.

Power to the people, you are the judge, but none can judge you

Internet has given everyone a great power to judge any service, company or product with their reviews and feedbacks, which really makes a difference.
It has become about you, you and you, you are a great product
Slavery is part of human history, and while many think it is now a long past history and that the world is finally going towards a utopia, you might think again.
Modern slavery is being a slave willingly, without thinking about it.

As a product, you are generating great profit for many online services, and without being aware, directed to buy services and products you think you want.

The positive experience

As Facebook never implemented that dislike button to keep Facebook a positive service, the Cambridge Analytica scandal can suggest that Facebook has screamed #metoo , as they allegedly are the victims.
With increasingly more advanced algorithms on social platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, where bad and insulting comments are removed without even reaching the audience, one might get the feeling of being loved, and that the trolls and ill minded people are gone.

Everyone already know they are being watched, and they just don’t care. This is the other side of the mirror on tattoos.
Nobody cares about the consequences tattoos might have on your career, your kids or your future, when the utopia dream fails, and everything goes downwards.
It is safe to say, you are spending more time deciding on which pants or jacket you want to buy than the long term house mortgage you sign within the day.

Along with investors never being more optimistic than 2018, economies growing, crypto currency such as bitcoin has become a nice gamble, and depth growing far beyond any in history.
The future is going to be great… eventually.
It is always wise to be aware that when you put your guard down and think nothing can go wrong, you will be the most vulnerable, and everything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Tattoos, this is why everyone gets a tattoo

Between 2016-2018 tattoos really took off, and it almost seems like everyone under 30 now has more than one tattoo.
The need to imprint a mark, quote, name and symbol has never been stronger. In a way, you can say tattoos are a reward for all to see, or a punishment for all to judge.
As you probably heard that killing gets easier after the first one, as there is nothing to lose, tattoos are the same. Once you get one, you can get as many as you want and cover your body in ink.
Nobody can judge you, or can they?

You will probably agree that you would not want to meet an older judge with old fashion with a face tattoo on court. Old people with a generation where tattoo was for soldiers, prisoners, sailors and exotic cultures have a clear standing on tattoos. Many religions including Christianity mentions markings and tattoos as a bad thing.
The consequences of tattoos may not be apparent today, but it is well worth to mention that majority of tattoos in history were used for marking slaves and criminals.

YouTube stars and celebrities

Tattoos on celebrities have moved from the arms to the hands, neck and full body.
Most of the rappers, singers, football players and movie actors have tattoos.
Young men and women adoring their favorite stars, get yet another reason to color their skin.
Tattoos are spreading like a wildfire and reminds of the dot-com bubble and the housing bubble. What everybody has, nobody wants.

Let is still be clear that tattoos can be both attractive and marvelous to see on the human body, it might still be wise to let this art form stay on the wall.

Questions to answer before you get a tattoo

If you still want to tattoo yourself or extend your already existing collection, here are a few questions you should ask yourself.
Will there ever be a day that this particular tattoo will bring me in trouble?

  • Court
  • Job interview
  • Renting a home

Will my tattoo interfere with future technology such as skin barcodes and electronic implants?

As allergic reaction and skin conditions can appear at a later stage, are you ok with losing the skin?

Can you afford the expensive removal procedure, keep in mind, what everyone wants raises in price?

Is your choice of design still relevant in 10 years, will you be able to change it?

Will your tattoo design still stay the same if you change your body mass\form?

Now that you have reviewed the questions above and honestly can answer them in a positive way, you can go ahead with the inking with a good coincidence.

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