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Astral projection Edgar cayce

Time of Reading 11: 15 to 12: 00 Noon Eastern Standard Time. N.Y.C.
(Life Reading Suggestion)
1. EC: Yes, we have the entity and those relations with the universe and
universal forces, that are latent and manifested in the personality of the present
entity, [489].

In entering the present experience we find from the astrological aspects in the
entity’s experience that these only in part present the active influences in the
experience of the entity in the present activity. And with the developments that
have been manifest, these would not be ALL that might be given which might be
helpful or applicable in the experience in the present. For, sojourns in environs
have made for the influences in the experience more than only the position of the
planetary influence in the experience. For, as has been and is maintained, what
one does with that which is of that influence whether from environs in the
activities or from hereditary influences from sojourns, or from the impelling forces
in the experience of the purely material relationships, makes for more activity in a
development than merely the knowledge or the awareness of an experience in
an entity’s activity.

Hence we find in this entity a ruling influence in Venus, in that
ordinarily attributed through the stars or the students of experiences in the life of
individuals, as well as that which may have the deeper meaning in the approach
of the entity to all conditions, whether mental, material or spiritual, that deal with
the lives of individuals. Hence love, respect, honor, the natures that make for
beauty of the life, beauty that may make for an experience in the affairs of others,
beauty even in duty to the entity has made – through its activities and through the
astrological experience of the entity – that which makes for a more perfect
understanding in many relations with friends, associates or companions, that
OTHERS may have in THEIR experience questioned. And enables the entity in
the application of self to draw nearer to the heart, to the soul of others in aiding

To be sure, such abilities, such insight, carry with same the good and the own
obligations also. From this same sojourn also, as combined with Neptune and
Uranus, there have been brought the experiences in the entity of the
development in self of its psychic forces as applied to self’s relations to others as
well as the abilities in this sphere of activity to be of an aid, of a counsel, of a help
to many; yet, as is seen from the manner of approach to subjects that pertain to
the mysteries or occult or psychic science by the entity, is in that gentleness of
manner as not to disturb or neither does the entity within itself become perturbed
at any character of experience that may be brought to its experience or notice,
but rather has been the experience that if those influence through any such
experience they quell rather that longing for the heart, for the expression of hope,
peace and love in the experience MATTER with the entity, or become that which
the entity itself may use or apply. Hence from this sojourn comes those abilities
to judge well, to disseminate well, to distinguish or parallel in comparison,
abilities of what may be termed the impelling influence in the experience of an
individual who would use its OWN development in the affairs of others.

GENTLENESS, nobleness, kindness, sympathy, have been those qualities
that have made for the developments from these experiences by the entity, both
in the mental and the spiritual aspects and developments of the body.

That Jupiter and those influences in Mars have their aspects or their influence
in the material affairs of the entity has been evidenced by material conditions in
the experience, yet these – tempered by or in the application of will, of the soul
forces of this entity – have brought often not only to self but to its friends, its
acquaintances, that which has quelled MANY a disturbed force in the activities, in
the lives, in the experience of others.

These influences, then, are rather passing – Jupiter and Mars; yet ever do they
appear. Hence the will of the entity only has kept many a flare from causing
disturbing forces. Hence in entity, in MATERIAL abilities of the application of
same, may be said to be the abilities to be an excellent peacemaker, provided
time FOR SELF to analyze situations between individuals or groups is given. Yet
in the broadness of vision, that comes from the sojourn in the Jupiterian
influence, there are the abilities to see, to know, to comprehend all phases of
human qualities that act or influence their experience, as well as the insight that
is natural from the psychic or soul development of the entity to be a
WONDERFUL analyst of human emotions, and in its present experience the
greater joy, the greater good that may be accomplished is not only in the
analyses of others in their emotions from the psychic but from the purely love
influence that directs the life of the entity, may be made to mean much in the
experience of others, and make for self through such application a development
that may carry on the unactive forces active in materiality. For, while the
experiences of each soul in its environs are those necessary for making the
union with the Creative influences in every soul’s experience, the entity may
become the teacher in the realms of those influences where those souls in their
transition may gain much from the experiences from that gained by THIS soul in
its development for its OWN soul as respecting the truth, the life, the light that is
shed in material world.

As to the appearances and those that make for the greater influence in the
experience of the entity in the present:

Before this we find the entity was in that period, that land, when many were
sojourning to other lands owing to the persecutions of the peoples for their beliefs
in certain religious rote or rites.

The entity was among those that did NOT leave, yet held in self in the England
land that to remain true to those duties, those obligations in the experience,
would be the greater – and that in such duties there might be had the greater
blessings for self. Yet the longings for many an one that had gone out from the
experience or the surroundings of the entity made for sadness of mien, yet the
heart, the soul was kept glad in the service it found to do during that experience
and sojourn; in the name then of Marie Doughle.
10. In the experience the entity gained, for the application of its portion of life in
the experience was in service in MAKING for self that of the satisfying of the use
of its experience for the joy that it brought to others primarily.

In the present the sojourn makes for those experiences of an understanding
heart for those that have lost those close to them, for those that have journeyed
on not only in material but in mental realms to changes; the understanding and
the abilities to make in the experiences of such the manner, the way to
comprehend or to USE a happening of an experience for soul development.

Before this we find the entity was during those periods when there was much
turmoil in the land of Judea, when there was the announcing of the prophet, of
the new teacher, and all Judea had gone out to John.

The entity then was among those that had been of the students of the
Essenes, and in direct connection with many that had been prophesying, had
been searching the records of or for the coming of the new light to those that had
been hemmed in by tradition and by the acts of peoples in a political and
religious purpose in the land.

Hence rather did the entity act in the capacity of one that counselled with
those of its acquaintanceship, of its surroundings; for there was the inactivity until
there had been within self found that which would answer to the calls that were
being proclaimed by the various individuals moved by the teachings of a strange
man who had renounced his position, who had renounced his activities in the
material world to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord is at hand. This to the
entity brought many peoples in the counsel given, and when the lowly Nazarene
came to know the entity, then in the name Veronicani, [See her Check-Life rdg.,
489-3 on this Palestine incarnation stating she was the mother of Stephen.] the
entity became of those that, though weak in body, brought much counsel to many
that saved many in their approach to this new understanding.

In the experience the entity gained and gained; for abilities as may be had in
the present, not only of a healer through the ability to analyze individuals,
individuals’ emotions, individuals’ activity, arise from the experience; but those
approaches ever the entity has made to every character of new presentation, to
the entity are as of an old truth – yet the entity has studied each approach and
each has received in the ENTITY’S own application its proper consideration, and
that which creates understanding of the greater approach to light the entity holds
– while that which makes for rather destructive forces the entity has forgotten.

In the counsel in such rather should there be the stronger denunciation and
the stronger laudation of that which is found worthy of acceptance in the
experience of the entity.

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Before this we find the entity was in that land now known as the Egyptian,
during those experiences when many were journeying from those lands where
destructive forces were being manifested by those those that were against the
law of the One.The entity then of the Atlantean land came as a young individual TO the
Egyptian land during those periods when there was the building up of the tenets,
of the lessons, of the truths by the priest in the land. Long did the entity counsel
with those of its own peoples; long did the entity reckon with the priest before
aiding in disseminating those truths, especially as to the teaching and as to the
application of material things for the healing of the bodies of the peoples; in the
name Ammelleeo.

In the experience the entity gained and lost, and gained; for in the application
of self there remained the longings for the old activities, and those that made for
the conditions in the experience of the entity, even when destructive forces had
made for the necessity of change. Yet in the application the entity may find in the
present that the powers of healing, of administering to the needs of others, in
setting them aright in their line of material activity, of mental precaution, of
spiritual significance in their own lives, are within the entity.

As to the abilities of the entity in the present, that to which it may attain, and
21. That in the service, as the developments come, it must be within self – and,
as this is given out to others does the growth, the knowledge, the understanding
of the tenets of life, of the experiences of the mental and physical become such
that they may be the food for the soul body, that it – the soul – may in its journeys
MINISTER to the wants, to the needs, to even the weaknesses of others.
22. Hence in the healing influence of spiritual application of truth, of life, in the
activities to analyze, to set aright, those that are wanderers in the way, is the
greater service that the entity – with its abilities, its understanding – may render to
the hearts, the souls of its fellow man.

Ready for questions.

(Q) How is the best way for the entity to be a channel for healing others?

(A) As self finds by the analyzing of others’ emotions, others’ conditions that
have suppressed or oppressed in their activity, so may it counsel with those
souls, those individuals, in using the universal or Creative forces within
themselves to arouse that which will supply the needs to that individual body and
soul. For, as the entity has long since gained, to heal a body and to lead a soul
astray is to only bring consternation to that soul.

(Q) Should the entity allow self to go out of the body?

(A) Allow self to go out of the body if and when it has learned to surround self
with the influence of the CHRIST Consciousness as to prevent the USE of self’s
abilities by those that would hinder.

(Q) How can the entity train self to do this?

(A) Much of this, much of the basic forces, has been gained by the soul, by
the entity, in its manner of expressing love in the life of others; yet as self makes
self a channel for the use of its own abilities, the use of its faculties for the spirit
of truth, there is set about same that necessary. In any of the forms that have
been studied by self, but knowing that the power of the Christ that is manifest in
Truth, whether in this chism, ism, act or thought, IS that which may KEEP the
body, the mind, the soul, as ONE – even as taught BY self in Atlantis, as
experienced in Judea, as KNOWN in England, as found to be present in America.

We are through.


READING 516-4 F 57

Edgar cayce best readings astral projection

B1. See 516-3 on 1/10/35 and subsequent Reports.
B2. 8/29/35 She submitted questions.
This psychic reading given by Edgar Cayce at his home on Arctic Crescent,
Virginia Beach, Va., this 13th day of September 1935, in accordance with request
made by the self – Miss [516], Active Member of the Ass’n for Research &
Enlightenment, Inc.
Edgar Cayce; Gertrude Cayce, Conductor; Gladys Davis, Steno. L. B. Cayce.
Time of Reading 3: 45 to 3: 55 P. M. Eastern Standard Time. …, Maine.
(Body and enquiring mind. Ques. reg. her welfare and development.)

EC: Yes, we have the body, the enquiring mind, [516], this we have had

While the physical conditions are not as severe as some that we have had
here before, we find that better forces would ensue if there would be the
application of those influences that we have indicated – through the osteopathic
manipulations, etc.

The body-mind, the consciousness, seeks conscious development in healing
others. Then make conscious application of things in self. THIS consciousness
should be a consistent thing throughout: All force, all power by the entity – of
good – is accredited (very wisely) to a universal, all-powerful consciousness.
Hence those influences that will create a parallel condition within the physical
body, that may allow the spiritual elements in a physical body to manifest, may
Edgar Cayce Readings copyright 1971, 1993-2011 by the Edgar Cayce Foundation
express themselves in whatever manner or method may be necessary to adjust
the physical body. It may be through a drug, a mechanical appliance, electrical
vibration, or whatever sort of means that may be used to bring about good; for
they are all of the same source.

Not ALL consciousnesses may be aware – as individuals – of the full flow of the
subconscious activity within a body. This, as may be seen, may be demonstrated
within this body itself, [516]. For the body finds that while spiritual thought and
spiritual food values are essentially supplying elements to a physical body, in the
material plane it is necessary also that material food values be taken for
sustaining not only the physical forces but the spiritual elements as well; to keep
them in contact or as parallel one to another in their activity.

So it is with all force and influence or activity in a physical body.

Ready for questions.

(Q) What should I do for my glandular condition? 

(A) As indicated. Have those osteopathic adjustments made, so as to allow
drainages within the system to such an extent that the influences hindering the
glands will become normal; so that their reaction will become much more normal.

(Q) Should I follow the entire treatment as outlined for me previously through
these sources?

(A) Follow the entire treatment.

(Q) Is it wise for me to go to Egypt with the Amore, sailing via Mediterranean,
Feb. 1, 1936?

(A) This will depend, to be sure, upon those circumstances that arise that are
of an international nature. As we find, if there are the changes brought about as
indicated in the present, this will not be an expedition; UNLESS there are those
efforts on the part of others to CAUSE a different reaction from that imminent on
the horizon of activities or events; for from the present outlook this will be closed
territory at that time.
Then, it will depend upon circumstances.
If there are no embargoes, or no hostilities in Africa, it would be very well.

(Q) If I have the power of healing, in what form will it express itself?

(A) By the laying on of hands, when the BODY itself has been PURIFIED BY
the healing within its OWN self and the VIBRATIONS raised to that where the
aura or vibratory force of self may accord or attune itself immediately with the
vibrations of other individuals seeking aid.

(Q) In regard to my first projection of myself into the astral plane, about two
weeks ago: Some of the people were animated and some seemed like waxen
images of themselves. What made the difference?

(A) Some – those that appear as images – are the expressions or shells or the
body of an individual that has been left when its soul self has projected on, and
has not been as yet dissolved – as it were – to the realm of that activity.
For what individuals are lives on and takes form in that termed by others as
the astral body. The soul leaves same, and it appears as seen. Other
individuals, as experienced, are in their ANIMATED form through their own
sphere of experience at the present.

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