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What is your destiny

Here at wise ones, we believe that the soul itself sets a life path. Older souls are able to foresee the future easily and can use the future to set up lessons and experiences it wants to learn.

In theory the soul chooses the life you have, hard as it might be, the kind of life is of your own souls choosing. It has to experience love, hardship, war, pain, trust and all the other emotions the human body is able to feel with its emotions.

Can you change your destiny?

Yes, you definitely can change your destiny. However it is not always wise to do so, as there is a meaning with your destiny, and forcing yourself out will indeed change the outcome which is planned.

Fighting your destiny is like fighting yourself, destiny is like a river, it is easiest to just flow with it, and it will take you to the end of the river. You can struggle and swim against the stream, and it will be tiresome, but it can be done, at its own cost.

What is fate, is it related to destiny?

Fate is an alternative to destiny but is referred more to the ending of the- or conclusion of the destiny.

Many may refer to the word fate when a conclusion has been made, based on actions where they felt they had no or little choice and were out of their hands.

We may look at fate as the conclusion of your actions including mistakes you make, where your actions have consequences and although your choices seems logical, they are not the correct ones.

If you choose to do something silly or irresponsible which leads to great consequences for you or those around you, this is not fate, it is your own actions. For an ending to your story or fate as you may call it, make sure you weight the choices you make, and just like the butterfly effect, what they lead to.

You always have a choice, and sometimes the one action will redeem you from a lifetime of mistakes.


How to know when you are having a destiny moment?

Destiny is not perfect and it’s clues are not always clear and fail proof. If you are one of those with less observation skills, destiny may have tried to reach you, but you were out of reach at the moment.

Destiny moment


As a force, you can look at destiny as a wind of nature. It will often give you a soft breeze, but rarely will it have the power to blow you away in the direction you need to go. It is your job to feel the breeze, which direction to go just as a wind sock which shows the wind direction.

With the technology around, many have become addicted to listening music with on-ear headphones and getting fixed on the smartphone screen all day and at all times.


Example on destiny and how to avoid and break it

The following will give you an example of a destiny-break and the consequences it may lead to.

See for your self that you are walking in the city at night, heading to a destination of no importance. You notice that the path of choice is blocked by construction ahead signs.

The sign ahead reads: DO NOT CROSS,


and you would naturally choose another path to your destination.

In this case as others, you have the free will to accept that your path is blocked and choose another way, or you can ignore the block and continue through.

You ignore the sign and continue walking though the blocked area.

After a few hundred meters one of the construction workers approaches you and tells you to turn back and that you can not be in this area and that it is dangerous. You ignore the person and walk ahead.

You walk for a while and see that there is a gap in the ground, around 3 meters wide. You estimate that you can easily jump over this gap. With a solid sprint, you jump over to the other side.

As you get closer to the end of the construction area, you see police tapes and barricade blocking the way and a police officer sees you and comes towards you.

He is waving with his hands and gives you the gesture to get away. This area is closed and you must go back the way you come, he says.

You look ahead and see that 3 police cars blocking the path a little further on.

Most likely the best action would be to turn back and don’t push your luck any further.

You ignore your senses and start running though the barricade and run as fast as you can, towards your destination which is ever so close now.

The cops starts chasing you and orders you to stop. You ignore their warnings and keep running.

One of the officers shouts that he will shoot if you don’t stop and shouts “STOP NOW”.

As you approach your destination, you are shot and everything goes black.

In this example we see that you do have choices and that often some choices leads to consequences, and the severity of these will increase the more you ignore the guidance.

You can chance your destiny, but sometimes it might be best to just follow it and accept it.


Start looking around and be available

Don’t close yourself to the world and start observing your surroundings, as the chance of a lifetime may pass behind you, without you even knowing. All you need to do is to turn around..


Giving up and wanting to die


Sometimes we all do feel like giving up and just can’t take it anymore.

The problems never seem to end and everything goes to hell. You don’t like your job, your partner in life or have lost your job, home or a person close to you.

You may tell yourself that you have done your best and have failed. In this situation you must accept that your best is not good enough, hard as it may sound.

You must find meaning in life

When you hit rock bottom and want to give up, you must trust in that there is a plan even for you, call it destiny if you want.

Often you are not able to see this, but when you start looking for clues and keep in mind that EVERYTHING happens for a reason, your meaning will be clearer. It is easy to find news, where one person achieved success in richness or fame from having nothing and being on bottom.

You have to keep in mind that if you are handed a large sum of money without being ready for it, you will loose it all.

This is why people who climb from the bottom to the top, learns for the journey and can appreciate the results.

You have probably heard of tragic tales of people ending dead after winning the lottery or taking their own life and winning the lottery the day after.

Hitting the bottom is great, as it cannot get any worse, and if  you can muster the strength for one last time, you can change your life.

As they say: There is no age limit for learning.

You can learn anything and become anything as long as you set your mind to it, but keep in mind, learning something you are not interested in or something that bores you, will give you nothing.

Using a few hours a day, you can specialize yourself on something specific. Each hour spent on your specialization will give you more meaning and satisfaction.


What few people know, that everyone needs is a great way to build self purpose

When you ask a lawyer friend to help you for 5 minutes on a government form, for you it is just 5 minutes time, but for him it is 10 years and 5 minutes. Specialty in something does not come over night.

When you ask a web developer friend to fix something on your website that you couldn’t fix for 2 days and it takes him 2 minutes to fix, it is because he has spent countless hours understanding and learning how things work.

Many don’t have the means or money to study for a masters degree or PHD. This doesn’t mean you can not become great at something. If you have the will, the mind rules over the body and your life.

Many entrepreneurs and famous people have no education, but this doesn’t mean they rident work hard to get to where they are. Look at some famous hackers who have no education, get caught and a punishment are granted a government job in cyber-security with great salaries.

Becoming good at something

Thanks to the internet, you can study on anything you like, and do keep in mind, practical information and practice far over-weights a diploma in most occasions.

Understanding how the internet works should be a priority for everyone, even if you say you don’t like computers.

The future as it is now is pretty clear, content creation and digital platforms here to stay. Any path taken into IT\computer related knowledge will be most useful.

Anyone can make a website and while automated created services such as Wix, and Squarespace is useful, they will teach you nothing.

With billions of websites out there, a thought-blog where you write what you are learning can be a good idea, just like a diary.

Set your mind on something you like to learn, that will be useful for you and those around you in the future.

Get obsessed with the topic, view videos, texts and interact around it. Make it your life’s purpose to learn and learn more, gradually.




Social media dangers

Today the most society hurting technology is internet. And the most valuable vault of information with endless possibilities? Yes, you guessed it, the internet.

Social media is the most harmful platform every created, which leads to nothing but waste of time, focus on one self and increasing the feeling of being important.

The more time one spends on oneself, the more is the mind trained for grandiose self reflection. This means that you feel you are important, but get reminded at work and other places that you are nobody and worthless as a person.

The mind splits into two beliefs: I am important and i am worthless

You are constantly reminded that you can review restaurants, businesses and services in medias like Trip advisor, Google, Facebook to name a few, and this makes you feel that you have a real power, and you do.

Punishing a business with a detailed bad review can really hurt them, but that doesn’t mean that you get away for free.

Many people use their real names in Facebook and other social platforms, or can be easily be tracked back. From a time where you were afraid to share your first name, we are now at a time where you share anything about yourself, not thinking of the consequences.

When you do others harm, you open a emotion called revenge and hate, which is often more powerful than the so called greatest power in the universe, love.

A bad review left on a multimillion company can come back to hunt you, and you wont ever know that this is the reason you cant review your MasterCard or get a house loan. Everything in life is linked, and keep in mind, when someone hurts you, you want to hurt them back.

What social media does to you

Balance in everything just like yin yang is a key element in life, specially your mind.

When you avoid bad news, sad reality and focus on good things like cute animal videos and good events, you are weighting your mind to a positive mindset and weakening the reality side.

See for yourself a child, who only gets love and is always protected by bad things. The child can grow up with no responsibility and ends up as a drug user. There are two ways of becoming a narcissist (extreme self love and importance).  One is a child who experiences repeated abuse and grows with fear and develops a self protecting barrier. The second a child that gets over spoiled and over loved.

The social media is the over love, given to you by ever increasing artificial intelligence. You are constantly reminded that your meaning matters, that your friends are waiting for updates from you and how popular your last photo was. You end up with self love and the ad market ends up with more data about you and how to make you do things without realizing.



Find out what events in your life means

Remembering your dreams

Dreams are interesting and somehow closely connected to destiny and self understanding. When you wake up and remember nothing  from your dreams, if you really focus, you can remember them, With training and repetition you can remember even more about your dreams. When you think about the dream and remember, it is moved from your flash\short memory to your long time memory and you can remember it all your life.

When you wake up, close your eyes, and focus on your last dream. Often if your phone calls or the wake-up alarm rings, you can remember last part before your woke up. Focus on what you remember and try to see how you got in the situation you saw in your dream, how did you get there, where did you come from, who were you with?

Dreams are often connected and you can actually travel backwards in events and really remember a huge part of the dream and details around it.

As research shows, dreams are a reflection of events in your current life, and if you had a day where you learned difficult things and really used your brain actively, your dreams will be very vivid and interesting. This is a process where everything from the day is organized and the brain sorts whats important and what to get rid of and compress.

Current events in your life and how they are linked

Just like the dreams, events in our lives are somehow linked, and when you become good at remembering your dreams, your skill will be useful in understanding why some things happen in your life happens, and why.

Nothing happens randomly and if you focus enough, you can know why.

Analyzing events in your life

You might want to take a pen and paper and write down the 10 biggest events in your life the last year.

If any event is linked to another, draw a line to link them together.

Try to fill each event with details, such as time, why it happened, unknown variables and consequences.

If you lost someone, write down what you have learned from that person, what you will miss and why this person was important.

If you stare at your paper long enough and analyze it with focus, you will be able to link the events together, and if they are not linked now, they will be, and it will become even easier to understand the whole picture at a later time.





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Greatest quotes on destiny

“If you choose money over love, you will always be poor.”

“A golden opportunity may turn into silver if you wait too long to take advantage of it.”

“If you follow the herd, people may mistake you for a cow.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo


“A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings, and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.”
― No souce


“If all people were diamonds, the diamonds would have no value. What makes makes people valuable is not what they are, but how their light shines differently from the rest.”

“By following roads, you will only reach what others want. By making your own path, you will reach what you want.

― Aksel Lian


Phobias and fears, is it destiny related?


Sometimes, you realize that you have fears that you were not aware of. These fears can come to the surface after an experience or just randomly. You may come face to face with a deadly snake for the first time, or get in a near death claustrophobic situation. Many experience fear of sitting in a car after a serious car accident or fear of water after a near drowning experience as a child.

But sometimes, you just have fears that you are born with such as fear of snakes, insects, heights or claustrophobia.

Force of destiny, past lives

Children usually need to learn the hard and painful way. An example would be parents warning their children not to play with fire, and the only way the child learns is by getting hurt by the fire.

In your last life or previous lives, if you have met your demise by a snake bite, it would be quite natural to for your sould to learn from this mistake and code the fear into it’s memory, so the mistake doesn’t repeat itself.

Same would be with the fear of heights, if you have fallen to your death. Although it is not something that can be learned to be avoided, the trauma of the last moments will naturally get coded into memory.

By having traumatic memories and fears, the soul can then make sure some actions or choices will be avoided.

You will most likely not become a pilot if you have fear of heights, and you will most likely not become a diver if you fear water.

In conclusion to phobias, we can state that the fears are guides on what not to do. If you have natural fear of snakes, and have never met one, do not waste your time thinking it is a problem that needs fixing. Sometimes fears are not supposed to be overcomed.


Your meaning and destiny in life

what is my destiny and meaning of life


Life milestones


Reincarnation roles

Reincarnation roles


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