Edgar cayce readings on mayans

With all of the publicity going around today concerning the Mayan
prophecies for the year 2012, I thought that this would be an
appropriate time to look at the information in a specific Edgar Cayce
reading requested on the origin and development of the Mayan
civilization. The excerpts below are quoted from Reading 5750-1, taken
November 12, 1933. Similar to the Bible, all paragraphs in an Edgar
Cayce reading have been assigned a number.

“1. HLC: [HLC was Hugh Lynn Cayce, Edgar’s first born. Hugh Lynn
acted as the conductor or guide for this reading. The conductor played
an important role in a reading, as poor instructions resulted in
incomplete readings.] You will give an historical treatise on the origin
and development of the Mayan civilization, answering questions.

5. From time as counted in the present we would turn back to 10,600
years before the Prince of Peace came into the land of promise, and find
a civilization being disturbed by corruption from within to such
measures that the elements join in bringing devastation to a stiffnecked
and adulterous people.

6. With the second and third upheavals in Atlantis, there were individuals who left those lands and came to this particular portion then visible.

9. Then, with the leavings of the civilization in Atlantis
(in Poseidia, more specific), Iltar – with a group of followers …
left this land Poseidia, and came westward, entering what would now be a
portion of Yucatan.
And there began, with the activities of the peoples there, the
development into a civilization that rose much in the same matter as
that which had been in the Atlantean land.

10. The first temples that were erected by Iltar and his followers
were destroyed at the period of change physically in the contours of the
land. That now being found, and a portion already discovered that has
laid in waste for many centuries, was then a combination of those
peoples from Mu, Oz and Atlantis.

14. The stones that are circular, that were of the magnetized
influence upon which the Spirit of the One spoke to those peoples as
they gathered in their service, are of the earliest Atlantean activities
in religious service, we would be called today.

16. The pyramid, the altars before the doors of the varied temple
activities, was an injection from the people of Oz and Mu; and will be
found to be separate portions, and that referred to in the Scripture as
high places of family altars, family gods, …

21. (Q) Have the most important temples and pyramids been discovered?
Those of the first civilization have been discovered, and have not all
been opened; but their associations, their connections, are being
replaced – or attempting to be rebuilt. Many of the second and third
civilization may NEVER be discovered, for these would destroy the
present civilization in Mexico to uncover same!

22. (Q) By what power or powers were these early pyramids and temples constructed?
By the lifting forces of those gases that are being used gradually in
the present civilization, and by the fine work or activities of those
versed in that pertaining to the source from which all power comes.

For, as long as there remains those pure in body, in mind, in
activity, to the law of the One God, there is the continued resource for
meeting the needs, or for commanding the elements and their activities
in the supply of that necessary in such relations.”

The reading goes on to explain that the records in the temple that
was destroyed in the final destruction of Atlantis, yet may someday be
discovered, plus the records that will eventually be found in the temple
or hall of records in Egypt, and those records contained in the temple
erected by Iltar, are, in the words of the in-trance Edgar Cayce, “The

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