The meaning of life

Wow so here you are, your quest for the answer of your life’s meaning has lead you here. The question itself is not one that has an easy answer and many before you throughout history has asked the exact same question.

Back in the time, there was no easy access to information, and today we have the internet. With tons of worthless information, but some gems like this website, we hope.

As much damage as the internet has done to society, like: online gambling, frauds, brainwashing and commercial spamming.

IT DOES provide a lot of good too… Like 🙂


Let us here at wiseones, underline that we respect all religions and all beliefs, and the following is just an idea of what we think.

The beginning of your life

Your soul is a fragment of the one being called the creator, your task is to wander around, learn and evolve and then return to the creator, adding to the knowledge and experience.

Being in diffent forms have limitations, just as the human body does. You cannot feel, cry, love, hunger and so on.

You are here for a reason, and you have chosen this exact life, no matter how hard it may be, how cruel it might sound, you have a task here which you must accomplish.

You can look at some of your phobias and dejavu experiences to find out clues on your true purpose in this life time.

dyp meditasjon og OBE

So your soul decided to dump you here and cut of all customer service, now what?

We sometimes envy the snakes and bug’s which just pop out of their eggs and know exactly what to do! They wander around and look for food, and if unlucky get eaten by anything higher up in the food chain. 🙁

Enough about bugs, let’s talk about you, and how you can find more meaning than just eating and being hit by the upper chain which is economy and love.


Understand yourself

What does this really mean? Understanding one’s self? It is the process of knowing what you can do and what you can not do. To do what you can not do, there will be a price to be paid both mentally and physicly.

Before we go deeper on the “can not do part” let’s gaze a litt bit into you.

Think about what makes you happy, what makes you smile and when you were happy the last time. It can be anything as simple as helping someone without expecting anything in return, or being so hungy you thought you could die, and ate the greatest food you know.

Think of one thing that always makes you happy… Like the latest episode of your favorite show or a smile from the girl or boy you like.

Now say it out loud, materialize the words into this world as the sound waves move through your voice.

Now, want you to think of something that angers you or irritates you. This can be a person or something that happens around you often.

Whisper quitely what annoys you, so quietly that even if someone were standing by your side, they wouldnt hear.

Now say what makes you happy again, louder than the last time. We have now set an example of what you like and what you dislike and given the positeve a stronger meaning.


Knowing your negative sides

Ever been to a job interview and they asked you about  your negative sides?

Probably you answered that you have none, or lied both to yourself and the interviewer.

Nothing wrong with that, it’s completely normal, as the whole point is to see what you are willing to say negatively about yourself and what you are doing to fix it.

Unless you can talk about your negative sides and accept them, you will fail to understand your existance, and even more importantly accept yourself.

Let us continue our quest to find your meaning in this world, and how to achieve it.


What are your phobias? are you afraid of anything?

Are you afraid of the dark? afraid of tight places that can be hard to get out of like elevators or small corridors? How about some types of bugs, snakes or even sharks? 

If you are not scared of any of the above, how about death, heights or the water? We all have fears, and in nature, that which has no fear, is not alive. Fear is the will to live, and the will to protect ourselves.

Understanding your phobias can give you a hint about your purpose and the things you can not do.

You can if you want to, but this is why you should’nt

Your phobias are there to help you not do the same mistake from a past life. If you died falling to your doom, it would be pretty silly for the soul to not learn from that mistake. If you are terrified from snakes, you should be as that was another painfull death you have learned from.

You can overcome your fears, you just have to face them.. and erase what has been learned so costly. If you have never seen a big snake in your life, and just the sight of one in Youtube gives you the chills, why would you seek one?

Your phobias tells you exactly what you should not do, and where you should not be.

Now it is time to repeat what makes you happy and what makes you irritated and annoying. This time you will think of something else, something from the past that made you extremely happy, and something that made you angry\irritated.

Say what made you happy loudly, and tell yourself why it made you happy, just as you were telling a friend a short story. Don’t be shy, it’s quite alright to talk to yourself.

When you are done with what makes you happy, now tell yourself a short story about a time when you got real angry and why. This time whisper so that anyone really close to you can hear, don’t worry about what they think, as they will forget this moment pretty fast as they don’t care…

It’s now time to be reminded that you always forget to breathe, be aware of your breathing, as oxygen is the fuel to your self, and selfaware breathing is the absolute most important thing you do in your life.

Your body knows how to breathe, it has done it for millions of times. But being awere of your own breathing will give you more control in how your body reacts to all situations in your life.

Don’t worry – we are close to your secret

Now that you have been made aware of a few important tips you never thought about, we are one step closer to your destiny and why you are here.

With a few whispers and selftalks you have told yourself what you like and what you don’t like. As the discovery of ones self is key to understanding everything about yourself. Think of it as learning to understand a language you don’t know, and you start getting used to the tones and flow of the language.

To do something that you can not do today, something that really interests you is one of the keys to  true happiness and the trust in yourself.

You must find something that seems impossible today, but once learned and achieved may soon be forgotten. Motivation is the key for any achievement, and this is why games are so addictive the longer you play, and the better you get.

Today is the day you shall focus on what you want to be tomorrow, and you will not care about time in any way. It will not matter how long it will take, as it will be something you will love to achieve, and you will not give up, just because you will fall in love by doing so.

Think back in time, not long ago, perhaps before you were born, man wanted to go to the moon. There was a race between the Soviet union and United States. Forget about the conspiracies and the question if it was achieved or not. The impossible was going to be achieved, and just the thought about it was overwhelming.

Once it was achieved, the world was in awe, people could just not believe it. And just as what you want to achive, you will not do it for others, you will do it for yourself.

Take a gaze at interviews and celebration after moonlanding on Youtube. Try to understand why people are so happy when they talk about the landing.

Once what was impossible to achieve is achieved, your gaze shall be set to another imposibility waiting to be achieved. From you for yourself, as you have come alone, and you shall leave alone!

your journey in life

NOT 42

As a final note, the answer of life is surely not 42 as the movie Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy super computer suggests. Although humor is most welcome in all aspects of life, dont expect an answer from a comedy movie that was not done so well anyway.

As the meaning is asked by many, it is somewhat a little sad that this answer wastes so many peoples time and effort to find a statisfying answer.



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